Why to consider CMS for Web Development

Web development rules the digital sphere with nearly 90% of the new business opportunities channeled directly through websites and mobile applications.It is really important to consider an online presence for your business. And for making an online presence, it is obvious you need to develop a website, and choose a platform for it. As the trends in business websites continue to grow thinner, there is a huge scope for improvements in content management. Content management Systems can take the stress out of managing your website. A content management system can also help you with web development because it can also store, create, remove, and edit web content with ease.

Here are the reasons why you should consider using one.

  • Easy to use: CMS, like WordPress were built for users with little to no programming experience. Once your website is fully developed by a web design professional, managing the actual content on your website is simple and easy to learn.Just like using Microsoft word, you can easily insert and upload you web content, like images and text .
  • Variety Of Templates :With over 150,000 templates available for website integration, even a professional with basic computer knowledge and fairly average graphic skills can develop a website overnight. CMS provides template based on the choices made related to the industry, location and kind of audience you want to address. Today, ever large scale enterprises use content management systems like WordPress for their blogs or other business/enterprise websites.
  • Security : WordPress has been around for over 10 years and, WordPress is a secure system and rolls out updates regularly to ensure continued security for websites and blogs. WordPress users are always notified of required updates and the updates are easy to make.
  • Multiple Users: Content management systems allow multiple people to have access to the website. This helps colleagues work together to strategize their web content.
  • Lower maintenance cost: Investing in a content management system can save you time and money. With a content management system in place, you no longer have to rely on a web developer to make common site changes. You can make these changes yourself and on your schedule. 
  • Responsive and Mobile Friendly Websites : CMS has already over come with the problem of responsiveness which it used to face earlier and now it offers solutions that are ready to fit in all screen sizes and devices. These templates are designed in a way that it shows a panel showing a template’s look on a tablet or a phone.

  • Optimized Load Speed: The loading speed is never related to the site’s platform and cannot blame CMSs for uploading heavy images at a lower speed. If a website is following proper Google’s guidelines and following web standards, then the website will definitely be optimised and perform at a high speed for page loading and navigating from one page to another. So as said, if a website developed in a CMS is following guidelines and standards then there is not a chance that it will face speed related issues. Also, there are various plug-ins available using which the speed of a CMS based websites can be optimised.