Trends in Online Marketing

With the changing environment,everything this world holds is changing. And in these changes major role is played by technology which has drastically changed the traditional methods of everything. One of these changes are on-line marketing. There is no question that digital marketing is playing a vital role in growing business. With ever present smart phones, consumers are more present then ever. Online marketing encloses everything promoted  with the help of Internet ,social media or mobile and web applications. With the changing world a lot is changing in Online Marketing :
  • Video-Marketing: Nothing is as noticeable as good video content. Video-marketing can increase your search engine ranking.Youtube is 2nd largest search engine. A study has found that consumers are more likely to buy a product after watching its video demonstration.
  • Big Data: Big data is revolutionizing the marketing trends. Big data helps in optimizing customer engagement by providing information about customers like what they want, how often they purchase from your website.
  • Chatbots: Chatbots technology is becoming more advanced . Its becoming popular with the marketers to meet customer’s need. MAny brands are using Chatbot as an extension to their social media marketing,
  • User-Generated Content: Positive User generated content is trending in Digital marketing. UGC helps in increasing sales, building customer’s trust, improving SEO,support lead generation. Word of mouth has always been inseparable and important tool for promoting the business.
  • Micro Moments:¬†The concept of micro-moment is changing the concept of marketing for buyers and sellers.What a consumer wants is a combination of different micro-moment different channels, search engines , devices. In order to win the consumers in all these micro-moment, we need to do all lot more then just show-up by being useful in what they need.