Top Social Media Giants

The paradigm of being connected to people we know has created giant social media groups that has now become part of one person’s daily activity. Everyday, millions of people are joining the most influential social media site there is. There’s no doubt that people would want to feel being around with what they like the most.

Today, the top of the rank social media group that you should be part of is definitely, no other than, Facebook. This website already has 400 million users up to date. It’s where you can find old friends, distant relatives, former colleagues as well as the most trending news outside your office area. It has become the number one source of social news and keeps you up to date whenever you are, wherever you want it.

On the other hand, if you prefer to follow only a certain number of important people, then Twitter is the social group you should be a member of. Globally, Twitter users are drastically increasing. More often than not, those who already have their Facebook accounts also creates Twitter account. It provides entertainment as you feel that you are very close to people whom you think you can’t be friends with. You can get notifications regarding your favorite Hollywood actors’s latest activity and you see their live feeds like they’re just one step away from you.

The third website you should be a part of is LinkedIn. This is a business oriented social media group made for professionals and is designed to find someone to hire, a business partner or someone who could be a potential sales target. This media is solely not for staying connected but is essential to those pros who want to stay connected in their corresponding line of business.

Just remember, when choosing a social media group, always consider the one whom you can trust your information with.