SEO: How To Optimize Your Blog Posts

Many business owners are following the trend of blogging these days and with good reason.Business blogging is a strategy for marketing that helps your business to get more online visibility.But how many of you know how to make your blogs more search engine friendly?
Here are some tips for writing SEO-optimized articles that will rank better in search engines.
  • Keyword Research: Before publishing your blog post, the most important task is to perform some basic keyword research that will help you in optimizing your visual and written content.
  • Long-tail keywords: Using long-tail keyword variations in your blog post is a win-win: since website visitors searching long-tail terms will often be more qualified. In other words, you’ll bring in the right type of traffic by using long-tail keywords.
  • Including 1-2 Keywords in post: Include the keywords into specific parts of blog post(title, headlines, sub-headlines, images, written content, and hyperlinks).
  • Mobile friendly blogGoogle revealed that more people use the search engines on their mobile phones and displays the mobile-friendly results first. So it is important that your blog is mobile ready.
  • Optimizing the blog imageWhile uploading an image to your blog, be sure to include keyword rich description of the photo so that Google can index them properly.
  • Promoting on Social Media: Use social Media to promote your blog post helping you to drive more traffic to your website and improving lead generation.
  • AMP(Accelerated Mobile Pages): Visitors on mobile phones expect the blog to load easily.AMP removes many of those elements that slow down loading and giving best possible experience to users.