Mobile browser by Google – what to expect?

Mobile browser by Google – what to expect?

Google recently announced the release of its newest version of mobile browser that has sparked interest in many developers and web users. There are many speculations on the various new features that were supposed to be the winning points for Google in its new release. The new release that made its launch just a few days ago has finally answered many expectations and has also come with surprises.

Earlier this year, Google launched a Chrome Dev version for the first time in Android so that users could get a sneak peek into the forthcoming features. This app could run alongside multiple versions of Chrome on Android devices and enabled users to get a preview of new features before they were made their way into the beta and the most stable versions.

From the feedback and features made available on the Chrome dev and Chrome beta versions, the following are most probable features that have been included into the new mobile browser.

Data compression

A new feature added to the Chrome browser can reduce your data bills. If you access and use only up to 50% of the data that would originally use, then you your data charges from carriers will also get reduced to half. Google’s new browser is able to effectively manage bandwidth and compresses data in both iOS and Android devices. This can be enabled via s setting called ‘bandwidth management’ with an option called ‘reduce data usage’ that can be toggled on. You can also view the amount of bandwidth saved in the interface.

Using this feature enables faster loading of web pages and also provides uniform look and feel. The web pages with data compressed are rendered in a slightly different style.

Google translate and voice search

Another boon to users is the integration of Google Translate feature into the Chrome for iOS that enables users to translate web pages with a button. The voice search feature has also been enhanced.

Website shortcuts

Website shortcuts can now be created from the home screen on the Chrome browser installed on android devices. There will be a selection on the toolbar menu to perform this operation.These shortcuts can give a greater user experience as for some websites they will open in a full-screen mode and some can also be made to appear as a separate app in the android app switcher.

Pop up notifications

This new feature is an added benefit for developers. Added to the Chrome beta channel recently, this feature enables the browser to act more like a stand-alone OS.

The new mobile browser from Google assures you of faster searching and a better performance. The interface is expected to be even more smooth and classy. The makers have assured that the new browser has been cleared of many bugs and performance issues from the previous releases. You can also try out the new Chrome Dev version for Android to get the first time experiences of future features if you are ready to risk an exposure to the possibility of bugs.