LARAVEL: Most Popular PHP Framework For Web Development

Having so many options,its a very difficult task to choose the right PHP framework for web development.Among all PHP frameworks,LARAVEL comes at the top. If you are a programmer ,then Laravel has some features which makes the task of web development a lot easier.
Following are some features that makes Laravel the most popular PHP framework:
  • MVC Support: Laravel supports MVC architecture like Symphony which helps in improving the performance and better documentation in understandable and well organized manner.
  • Database Migrations: Laravel allows database migration. In Laravel, there is no need of recreating the database for every change and no loss of any data.
  • Testing & Debugging tool: Laravel comes with unit testing tool to check what could go wrong.There is already a file called phpunit.xml which will helps in testing the product with different methods provided by Laravel itself.
  • Improved¬†Authorization: Unlike other PHP frameworks,Laravel has improved authorization process and control access to resources. Basic authentication system is newly installed in Laravel.
  • Artisan: Laravel has a build in tool called Artisan. Artisan provides no of helpful commands for developers and saves a lot of effort and time by automatically dealing with those repetitive tasks which most of developer avoid performing manually.