Google Search Console -To Increase SEO Visibility

Google Search Console (GSC) formally known as Google Webmaster Tools is a no-charge service offered by Google that helps in maintaining and monitoring ones site’s presence in Google search results. It is a valuable tool for not only SEOs but also for other professionals like web developers,business owners, app developer s and designers.Its a must have for doing SEO.

Very Important tool for website owners-
Fix Crawl errors: It helps the website owners as it generates the complete report of the no of visitors like their statistics and the medium used to visit the website such as technologies, browser types and devices like smartphones, laptops,desktop or tablet.This information helps in fixing the crawl errors in GSC.

Sitemaps: With the help of Google Search console you can see all the sitemaps that have been submitted to your website.

Security Issues: This tool helps in providing the information if your site has been suspected to hacking or phishing.

By having this extremely valuable information, you can be proactive in improving how you can optimize your website in Google seraches